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Zsuzsi Rivière / Chonon Ronon

Born in Romania to a Hungarian family in 1983, Zsuzsi is living and working at Oka Wasi as a plant medicine healer, therapist and yoga teacher. Since childhood, Zsuzsi has had a deep love for nature and natural healing and always knew she would devote her life in service to the healing and wellbeing of others. A licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, she has been working in private practice since 2013. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in acceptance and commitment therapy as well as mindfulness and yoga therapy.

As a researcher of entheogens and psychoterapy, Zsuzsi's way of working has shifted towards the integration of all her fields of experience and expertise: shamanic and plant medicine healing, movement practices and the space of meditation and contemplation. Her work focuses on different emotional disturbancies and trauma-related issues. She likes to call her open, clear and direct approach radical therapy. After more than a decade of experimenting with the consciousness-expanding and therapeutic properties of psychoactive plants, especially ayahuasca, it became clear to Zsuzsi that the only way she could truly express herself would be through the art of Amazonian plant medicine shamanism.

Her explorations have brought her on a catalyzing journey of self-healing and learning. She's been living in Peru since 2015, where she is learning and working in the Shipibo lineage. Her maestros include Yann Riviere, Walter Martinez, Diomar Lopez and Wilma Mahua Campos. Zsuzsi is a dedicated yogini and yoga teacher as well, trained in the more dynamic style of vinyasa flow yoga. Through her yoga classes, Zsuzsi's mission is to fully support your inward journey, to create a space of inspiration and reflection and to find balance through discipline and self-love.

She shares her gifts with a unique presence and flair, helping people activate their inner healer to build emotional and physical strength and to cultivate the wisdom that leads to their true purpose and passion. “It is an honor for me to support others going through the profound processes of change kindled by the work with the medicine with an open, compassionate, inspiring and easy-going approach.”